Retirement Calculator  page.  This page is consisting of 'SIP Calculator', 'Future Value Calculator' , 'Car/ Mortgage/ Home Loan  EMI calculator ', 'SIP and lump-sum Investment Calculator  along with ' ROI ', ' CAGR ', ' FD ', ' MIS ' and ' RD 'calculator too.
' Money Cost Averaging ' as in this strategy investors get the opportunity to keep buying the assets units irrespective of any market conditions , either bull or bear . And because of that they always get the opportunity to accumulate more asset units even at the lower prices.
                              This below mentioned ' future Value ' calculator helps to predict the hypothetical future value of any lump sum investment based upon an hypothetical rate of interest . It is totally different from the 'SIP' calculator as instead of regular monthly investments investors prefer to invest a certain amount of money at the beginning of the preferred investment period .
'Amortization Calculator' helps to find out the monthly payout to be made for repaying the debt arises due   to purchasing of any 'Car' or ' Vehicle ', 'Home' or  any other  ' Mortgage property loans ' .
                                 This below mentioned  calculator comprises of both 'SIP' and 'Lump Sum' value calculator. This calculator is helpful for those investors who invest both on monthly and lump sum mode at a time for a certain period in future.
                                      This below mentioned calculator will help  the community members to calculate the ROI ( Return On  Investment ) , CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of any investment so that they can easily compare the best possible  investment  instrument  available in the market along with the basic  FD , RD and MIS calculators.
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