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YouTube channel and blogs does not provide any magical solutions to become rich overnight but enhance their financial knowledge so that they can  achieve their desired goals that was seemingly impossible earlier. In our study we have found that most of the people don't even know what they want to achieve in their lives and what they are working for everyday. They don't even understand the true value of money and just keep saving their hard earned money with the non-realistic dream that some day or another they will be surviving in their retirement ages with it.
But the beauty of the deal is the sovereign currency has been proved to be a depreciable asset in the economy . Most people don't even know that the 'fiat Currency' system followed around the world is backed by nothing. Our Government authorities with the help of their central banks can print any amount of money they want to support their bankruptcy in the name of 'Stimulus Packages' to the people. Because they have no any other options left until printing more money than before to keep running their economies and devaluing their base currencies. And a result sooner or later the worth of government fiat currencies are going to end at zero as it happened in Germany (before World War -II ), Venezuela and Zimbabwe due to hyper-inflation caused by overprinting of money.
If anyone knowingly or unknowingly keep their money in the form of fiat-currencies then he / she probably be loosing everything in near future. Forget about retiring rich. Our sole aim is to make people understand the value of true money lies on its ability to beat the inflation and delivering the positive real return for a longer period of time. Because if the value of any asset is growing below the inflation rate then it need to be considered as the destructive asset. And we believe every investors should avoid these assets until it is bought just for luxury purposes.
YouTube channel and blogs we have just tried to serve three common purposes of every common people around the world. Those are:
                1. Quantifying the goals:  In this process you will learn the technique to turn your desired goals into  some required monetary numbers. This is nothing but a highly efficient retirement calculator that first helps you to calculate your inflation adjusted required monthly inflows after the retirement based upon your present monthly expenditures. Then it considers all  of  your present investments and calculate whether or not these investments are sufficient to meet up your after retirement monthly expenditures. Then it suggests the required  investments that to be made additionally for achieving your retirement goals. We call it as the 'Recognition stage' as at this stage you recognise your true goals in life and can quantify it in numerical numbers.
Execution of  the Planning :  In this stage you will get connected with our financial blogs and videos where we analyse  each and every aspects of the modern days investments and try to find out the pros and cons of related investment products . We recommend you to increase your investment knowledge by accessing these  blogs , videos and publications before taking any financial decision in life . But as we do not suggest you the buy any financial products  just on the basis of our recommendations please use your own analysis and judgements and take the help of your financial advisor, if required. Not only that we have created a separate section , namely 'Recession Indicator' where you can get the opportunity  to understand the advanced indicators that might predict the 'Recessions' and 'Market Crash'.  We call this stage as 'Courageous Stage' as you become able to take the courageous investment decisions of your life towards achieving your financial freedom and live like a king or queen of your own private empire.
              3.  Succeeding Patience : This is the most desirable and hardest part of the life . Almost 90% people can not become rich not  because of  their wrong decisions in life but not having adequate patience to stick to their plans. It is the only thing that standalone can either change or ruin your life for ever. Because the eighth wonder in the world , 'Compound Interest' largely gets cumulatively accelerated based upon the time you provide to your investments. Even if you take a brilliant idea but if you can not stick to it for longer as expected earlier your desired purpose will never get served at all. To overcome this problem we have created a knowledge center that keep you motivated and helps you to learn like a billionaire. It is suggested to selects and buy all the recommended books from the shopping page of the site  because reading ten relevant  books are far better than reading thousands of irrelevant ones.  We call this stage as 'Mindful Stage'.
             My advise to the visitors of the site is keep visiting this site for regular basis to get the  advanced financial information about various asset classes and join the  'Never Ending Wealth Community' so that we can help each other and create a 'Non - JOB'( J = Just, O = Over ,  B = Broke ) society. 

*** Disclaimer: The processes advised in this site/channel/ blogs are fully educational and not at all the ultimate financial recommendations. It is absolutely suggested to use your own analysis and research and  take all the financial decisions based upon your own judgement..

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